The ElderIssues Story

Since 1988, a Geriatric Care Management company named Personal Care Managers of America, Inc. (PCMA) has provided assistance to seniors with the management and supervision of their personal care, financial coordination, fiduciary services, medical claims filing, placement assistance, and Medicaid applications. They also provide consultation to families, elder care providers and facilities. The PCMA team has gathered extensive knowledge and expertise about caring for elders. During their growth they developed a proprietary computer based system that greatly improved the ability of all the service providers who worked with their clients. The Life Ledger is the accumulated result of the PCMA experience and knowledge, presented on a secure, internet platform to assist the family caregiver in doing their best for the elders in their lives.

ElderIssues, Inc. was established as a separate company in 2000 to effect this metamorphosis. The computer software systems were redesigned to provide internet accessibility while maintaining full security. The working experience of Personal Care Managers helped create a library that was readily accessible directly from the Life Ledger The names and contact information of elder care providers throughout the country was collected to allow easy access to the services and products needed to maintain quality care via the Help Finder.

An area was developed to encourage the interchange of information and support by fellow caregivers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms, News Postings and Experts holding interactive seminars on line with members are all a part of this community.

ElderIssues pledges to never waver in its commitment to assist its members in delivering the highest quality, most efficient, and cost effective care while at the same providing support to the caregivers themselves. If the caregiver can not continue to meet the multitude of demands placed upon them, everyone will suffer.


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