How to Register a Death with Thames Water

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Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult, making death notifications shouldn’t be

Life Ledger exists to help families reduce the administrative burden around death and simplify the death notification process for them. Our service will allow you to notify Thames Water and any other companies connected to the deceased, at the same time, from one place.

Below we have detailed the steps you need to take to notify Thames Water of a death, alternatively you can create a free account with us now.

Here is what this article covers:

  • How do you notify Thames Water of a death.
  • What documentation will you need to notify Thames Water of a death.
  • What happens after you have notified Thames Water
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How do you notify Thames Water of a death?

You can notify Thames Water of a death in one of two ways:

  • By calling their customer services team on 0800 980 8800
  • Getting in touch on social media via Twitter or Facebook

What Documentation will you need to notify Thames Water of a Death?

Thames Water require you to provide the following:

  • The executor or solicitor’s details now handling the property
  • The name and address of the account holder
  • Date of death

What hapens after you have notifed Thames Water?

Once you have notified Thames Water. They will run through any account issues with you, including rebates or outstanding balances. The account can either be transferred to a different name or closed. Should they require any further information from you, they will contact you at time convenient to you.

  • Register
  • thameswater
  • closeaccount

We can help

Our free, easy-to-use service simplifies the death notification process.

Contact all of the businesses connected to the deceased from a single point and stop having the same difficult conversation over and over, with different people in different businesses.

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