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Send death notifications

Inform all of the businesses connected to the deceased quickly and easily

Life planning

Help reduce the administrative burden on the family after a death


Useful articles, information and links relating to bereavement

For service providers

Commercial Organisations, Businesses & Utilities

For sector professionals

Solicitors, Probate Specialists & Funeral Service Providers

About us

Two years later Life Ledger was launched ...


We have broken these down by topic to help with searching.

For service providers

Simplify your death notifications

Life Ledger delivers everything your customer service team needs to help the bereaved close, freeze or switch an account.

As seen in

Life Ledger delivers

Identity & death verification

Fully verified identity of the notifier + cross-referenced confirmation of the death

Full deceased details

Name, address, date of birth and date of death of the deceased

Continuity planning

Details of partner, spouse or family member for transferring or switching accounts

Key documents & individuals

Digital copy of the death certificate, details of the executors and will (if applicable)

Key documents & individuals

Digital copy of the death certificate, details of the executors and will (if applicable)

Single point of contact

Secure communication and document transfer channel with the bereaved

Improved outcomes

A faster, easier process for both the business and the bereaved

Just three simple steps

To start receiving death notifications via the Life Ledger platform all any business needs to do is:

Step 1

Provide an email address for receiving our notifications

Step 2

Whitelist the Life Ledger domain to ensure our emails are not blocked

Step 3

Provide a point of contact for our customer service team in case any issues arise

Get in touch

Find out how Life Ledger can benefit your business

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