How to notify Nationwide Building Society directly


How to report a death to Nationwide Building Society

You can tell Nationwide Building Society about a death in one of the following ways: 

0800 464 30 18

Bereavement Services Specialist Customer Support Nationwide Building Society Swindon Wiltshire SN38

What information do you need to inform Nationwide Building Society of a death?

You will need the following on hand when telling Nationwide Building Society of a death:

  • person's full name

  • person's date of birth

  • date of their death

  • personal representative’s name and address (if you know this) so we know who we can write and give information to.

  • death certificate

What Happens Next?

Once you have notified Nationwide Building Society of the death, they will carry out any steps to either close the account or make any necessary transfers. If the account is in a sole name or an ISA, any funds will be transferred to a beneficiary, and the account will be closed. If the account is in joint names, the account will be transferred to the surviving holder. 

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