How to work with Life Ledger

There are multiple ways to work with us

Partnering with Life Ledger is FREE and easy. Simply contact us and we will send you leaflets, holders or posters to give out to your families.

Hand out our leaflets

We can provide you with simple A4 leaflets to give out to your families during an arrangement or to put into funeral packs or estimates, which will give them an overview of our service and direct them towards our website.

Use our software integrations

We work with Oak’s Evolution FMS and Seker’s eFD software, which puts us within one click of setting up a Life Ledger account for your families – see our Software Integrations page for more details.

Use our dedicated portal

We have built a dedicated portal for you to start the journey for your families. You can start entering details of the deceased and the next of kin, and then handover control to the family when it is ready to go.

Please contact Dan Blackett – dan@lifeledger.com or 07702 639919 to set up a demo and/or an onboarding session.

Website signposting

Many funeral directors already list us  on their websites under “useful resources”. We are happy to provide text, logos, and any other information that is needed to frame this properly. 


In addition we are happy to provide the following services to funeral businesses:

  • Remote training – we provide free Zoom sessions to demonstrate the service and allow the team to ask questions. This can be either one-to-one or delivered to different teams or arrangers as necessary. We are also happy to dial into pre-existing team training sessions or webinars.
  • Onsite training – As above, but we are also happy to visit and demonstrate Life Ledger to those who would like to see it operate in person.
Dan Blackett, Partnerships – dan@lifeledger.com

Tel: 07702 639919