Helping your families

Why you should tell families about Life Ledger's free service?

We give the family: 

  • A single place to organise and manage the notification process, where they can add as many as companies as they want, and view the status of the notifications. 
  • The means to contact over 1,000 companies 
  • The ability to manage the process in their own time
  • A reduction in the number of death certificates required
  • Reduce the need for endless difficult and repetitive conversations
  • A channel to communicate directly with companies
  • The ability for family members of friends to help with the process

Life Ledger will always be FREE for families and there is no charge to the funeral director.

Benefits for funeral directors and arrangers

By signposting our service you are helping families simplify and streamline the admin many face after a death, giving them the means to take control of the notification process in their own time.  

Life Ledger is a tool that provides genuine help to families, and at no cost. As a free service, this provides a valuable means to add aftercare support to the customers you are looking after.